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Too Busy Living A Life Instead Of Having A Life Worth Living?

Discover How To Overcome Depression In 3 Days
While Others Drift Their Life Away...

From: Rodney Lovell – Freedom Fighter for Guys Everywhere

Subject: New "Never-seen-before" Hard Hitting, Fast Track Workshop format

Let's get to the point. Are you sick of being down on yourself? Are you sick of upsetting those closest to you? If so, read on....

Getting out of depression in 3 days is a big claim. But so was running the four minute mile and walking on the moon.

Hey guys, I'm putting myself right in the firing line for when skeptics, line up and say, "Yes, but..." The reason I say "skeptics" is because they don't always get results and they knock anybody who does! But I've been in the firing line before and lived to tell the tale...It's all about RESULTS. That's what you want, right? If you didn't, you wouldn't be searching for answers right now. Don't get me wrong, I admire many brilliant men and women who have worked long and hard to get to the position they are in. There are some great people out there. For me, I didn't get results using them, and, they didn't offer a satisfaction guarantee. I wasted a lot of time and a lot of money. I found my own way to peace of mind. What worked for me can work for you. I am sick and tired of seeing men throw away their lives and their families.
I care about guys who are in a similar position to where I was - who need to find that missing piece, who want
to have great relationships, financial stability and peace of mind. Blokes who mean well, are trying hard, yet for some reason or another things aren't quite going their way in one or two areas of their life. And very few people are out there helping men get results.....until now.

Introducing Rodney Lovell

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The GOOD NEWS: If you don't want to be angry, depressed, frustrated, blamed, unhappy, but you do want to be a beacon of inspiration without doing anymore than your normal everyday routine, then you're in the right place.

Read on to see what I mean...

Most people justify what they do, and justify what they have!   Even if it's depression or anger. Most people try to 'get ahead' but really, what does that mean? They're just like everyone else...Drifting.
With your problems in life, do you hear yourself say, "Yes, but...."? Justification makes for great excuses, doesn't it?. Yet a great excuse doesn't make you feel great, does it? It just shortens the discussion you're having with someone, or creates an argument. 'Justification' simply builds your own personal prison. When you justify your pain, you are actually cementing it in more. It's only when you are struggling with 'how you feel' that you know there is something missing. But it doesn't have to be that way...

Is this the life of your dreams? Luxury holidays, debt-free, dream home, expensive cars, giving money to charities, spare time…? But if you have all this, will you really have fulfilled happiness?
Most people say, "It helps". Whatever…. Stockbroker Jordan Belfort made $50 million dollars per year. He owned 70 exotic cars, 2 helicopters, yachts, armed bodyguards, servants and mansions. This is what he said.....

"You try to give your life more meaning. So you have to buy things to attach value to your money. The hole got harder to fill, so you fill the hole with possessions. It became desperate, your search for fulfillment."

Check the internet for lists of top-of-the-line men who have 'had it all', but having it all didn't stop them from being miserable.....Rock star John Lennon who helped change a generation, War winning politician Winston Churchill, Multi talented actor John Cleese, Classic writer Ernest Hemingway, Long time comedian Robin Williams, and other super businessmen, gold medal sportsmen, and even psychiatrists and psychologists. If these top of the line superstars get depression just like you, what chance do the rest of us have?

Every chance! You can have it all. But it's just like a jigsaw puzzle. If you put the pieces in the wrong sequence all you get is a big mess.

MISSING PIECE NUMBER ONE: Get the sequence right.

If you gather the status symbols without being who you want to be, you've got things around the wrong way. You're missing something BIG. Yep, you can still have it all; you can 'have it' only after you 'be it'! So most people chase the luxuries of life, and never BE what they want to BE, which is why they are so damn miserable!

CAUTION – There's a lot of 'get rich quick' seminars out there. If you don't get your sequence correct, you will waste thousands of your hard earned dollars attending them....unless you do things in the correct sequence. Discover your peace of mind....then go and do anything you please! I don't teach 'get rich' seminars. I share something far more important.

So let's get back to reality.... in the next few minutes as you read down the page, you will be given a chance to leap ahead of the drifters and stand out from the 'average' by doing something that most people won't do.

GREAT NEWS: There can ONLY be a positive outcome for you. You can't lose. Good deal right? I'll explain in a minute, but first, answer this next question as honestly as you can…

When was the last time you did something totally positive for yourself?

Stop for a minute… think about it… So when was it? Who do you usually put first? Your wife, your kids, your boss, your neighbour, your mates? Yeh, or you may think you don't deserve it, or maybe you simply
did some trivial thing. It's time to sharpen the saw. And how you choose to respond right now could have enormous consequences.

Most people simply put the saw down and take a break. Then they come back to the same blunt saw. TAKE ACTION – SHARPEN THE SAW!
If you leave, nothing changes! All those problems will be waiting for you. You might move house, change jobs, join a club, buy a new car but your baggage knows your forwarding address. You can't escape. TAKE ACTION ("I'll do it later" doesn't count as action) and you'll be one step closer to living a more relaxed peace-of-mind lifestyle without stressing over the little things each day. Personally, I've created a peace-of-mind lifestyle. I had depression, now I don't, and I didn't get rid of it by simply 'learning to love myself', 'using willpower', 'walking in the sun', or any of those other flippant phrases that get thrown around. In fact, I've developed a reputation for adding clarity where confusion reigned.

So what has this got to do with you?

What do you want? What do really want above everything else? Most depressed people I ask simply say,

"I don't want to feel like this anymore".

The Answer is here....

Don't you just hate it when a mate has a good tip, but doesn't pass it on. Well, I had a head full of knowledge and was helping people just like you. They'd always say, "Mate, you really need to share this information". And now I am. It's time to share what has worked for me and others.

Is it easy?   Yes.

Can you do it?   Yes.

Are you ready?   Yes. In fact, you'll never be more ready than now.

Who should attend the adventure of a lifetime, Discover Peace of Mind workshop? Here are just
some of the signs that are a dead-set giveaway that you are looking to Discover Peace of Mind.

  • Are you a Workaholic? "Supporting" your family, or protecting your job, or simply overworked...whatever the justification.
(And this is not the time for "Yes, but....") Simply YES or NO.
  • Do you buy a lot of gifts for people? How about lots of big-boys toys, also known as status symbols? Collect a lot of things out in the shed, the garage, or the pool room and can't throw anything away?
  • Over eat? Need a drink to relax? Automatically have a drink with mates? Do you hold your glass while bulging those biceps? Prefer an alcoholic haze to numb the pain?
  • Flex the muscles in front of the mirror, or desperately want to bulk up? Maybe you just wear tight-armed Tshirts?
  • Smoke anything? Or undertake 'extreme sports' but it's never enough?
  • Do you know a lot of people but have no real friends? (Acquaintances are not friends.) Or you have a lot of people around you but you feel lonely?
  • Angry? Does she, he or it push your buttons? 'It's not my fault'.... Ever been called a bully?
  • Cheating on your partner? But even if you do, the new woman is still not enough for you, right?
  • So you love a joke and are a stirrer? But you say it's just for fun, of course, even if it is poking fun at somebody? And only you know that your laughs hide a lot of sadness.
  • Got unresolved issues with your father or mother? Been bullied or feel like a victim?
  • If you don't get on with your kids then you definitely need to come. Are your kids able to discuss their problems with you?
  • Felt you've tried 'something like this' before and still feel depressed. Or simply have no energy. And you say nothing works, you've tried things before, or, maybe you think you're different?


It's been said that we are all as unique as our finger print, but, that just means we are pretty damn similar then. The patterns & symptoms are the same time after time after time after time!

The flip side - When was the last time you simply felt fulfilled? Hmmmm......

It's been a while, right? Are you desperately hoping for a magic wand to miraculously appear and fix everything? Who are you waiting for to break the cycle of: feeling bad - exploding - trying hard - feeling ok - then feeling bad again....? You can be different and stack the odds in your favour by joining the exclusive few who decide to accept responsibility and take charge of their life and plug into my "Discover Peace of Mind" workshop.

What the heck is a Discover Peace of Mind Workshop anyway?

Let me explain...

It's a brand new fresh and exciting experience where people just like you take home a head full of down-to-earth 'why didn't the experts tell me that before' secrets, with practiced rehearsed strategies to implement IMMEDIATELY.

It's totally different to what you're used to and you can begin your adventure NOW. After loads of feedback from people just like you… Here's what they don't want:

No cozy love-ins, no more try-these-pills sessions , No unrelated filler, No miracle workers. No need to have an uncomfortable wait in somebody's waiting room, No need to tell your personal stuff to a Doctor, No wasting time with closed minds who don't understand, No BS, etc, etc, etc.

Here's what they do want. Directly relevant information, I-can-do-that strategies, RESULTS. Do you want to have contented peace of mind? Do you want to break-free from the chains of depression, and lead a life being a beacon of inspiration by doing no more than your normal daily routine... call-your-own-shots and start living the life you know you deserve? Then I'm going to make it real simple for you.

Ignorance is NOT bliss and it costs a hell of a lot more.

For the first time ever I will deliver "Doom & Gloom" Busting, Key to Personal Power "Experiential" seminars in this new & improved format. Over three jam packed days let me rock the boat with a few expert defying comments....


SECRET - You DON'T fully control your own mind. And when the experts say you do, they are WRONG.

SECRET - You have at least THREE personalities.

SECRET - The 'voices in your head' and 'different parts of you' might say different things but they have the same underpinning reason.

SECRET - Anxiety, depression and guilt serve the same purpose for the mind as pain does for the body.

SECRET - Show me a person with an Anger problem and I'll show you a person with a Frustration problem. Anger is generally just an expression of frustration. Frustration is caused by your Values being breached.

SECRET - Nature builds a flaw in everyone, and for a damn good reason! It is unavoidable. This 'flaw' is essential to find a partner. This same flaw can lead to depression!

SECRET - Depression is a symptom, not a disease.

SECRET - What attracted your partner may be the same thing that drives them away.

SECRET - The "I'll try harder" cycle fails nearly every time. Have you ever had an argument that finished with you saying "I'll try harder" and in 2 months time you've gone through it all again? We'll show you how to break that cycle

HUGE SECRET - Your "Identity-Impression State" is the motor that really controls you.

And loads more....

Now I bet there are some of you coughing and spluttering at the moment. "Three personalities? Not a disease? Nature's flaws?.....This bloke doesn't know what he's on about." Any excuse to stop looking at your problem. That's just one of the 'safety' voices inside your head keeping you inside your comfort zone. I did mention those voices, didn't I?

If you want miracles, see the other guy. If you want 3 days of intensive life-changing work, then get to a Discover Peace of Mind workshop.

What would I do if I had to do it all over again?

Simple, I'd find someone who has done it before and find out what they did. Remember, geologists know about rocks. Rock climbers know how to climb. We need to climb.


Introducing the Freedom Fighter for Guys Everywhere

Three days of unrivalled, exploration, excavation, excitement. The adventure of a lifetime, presented by Rodney Lovell....

One miserable tear-filled day I'd had a gutful of life and a gutful of my own excuses, so I decided to find out, "What causes depression?" I was told it was a chemical imbalance. "Oh great, that's easy to fix, just top up that chemical with a pill", I replied. So I took the pills, and guess change. This is a familiar story, isn't it.

I then got stubbornly curious, a little like you are now. I tried a lot of new things. Hey, I even tried thinking and acting positively about everything. I learnt a lot of great stuff and new skills. There were flickers of improvement, but underneath...No change.
I kept saying to my wife (between arguments)...."Something seems to be missing. I'm trying all these things but 'something' seems to be missing"

One day, I heard a short phrase that identified my symptoms. Gulp, "That's me". They were some of my 'symptoms'. Instantly, I knew I'd found the missing piece. So I raced to the library, grabbed the reference books, and amongst the many anomalies and conflicting information I found one article that made perfect sense.
Reading one article placed all the pieces into context and sequence. Then all the other pieces I'd learnt began to fall into place. I said to myself, "Is that all? Years of struggle because of 'that'". It was over in an instant. I felt the weight lift. When I arrived home I said to my wife, "I don't have depression anymore". I knew it. I felt it. Then I began to systemise all my knowledge so you don't have to shuffle the pieces, hoping, praying to wake up to a new beginning.

I was back to normal, and then after that I found there IS even a better kind of normal.

Learn how you can become a beacon of inspiration by doing no more than YOUR daily routine...And, must be a different routine than what you have now.

But don't take my word for it...

A few words of wisdom from early adventure seekers.....

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At Last: The Freedom Fighter for Guys Everywhere Reveals His Secret Blueprint For All Those Who Want To Quickly & Easily Achieve Long-Term Fulfillment...

Learn how you have been set up to fail mentally and discover specifically what you need to know to create fulfilment.

You'll notice I DON'T talk about 'making you happy'. (If you hear someone say they will 'make you happy' be very cautious.) I will show you how to get OUT of Depression and how to be fulfilled.

Some say: "It's not what you know, it's what you do. " I generally agree. BUT, with depression, it IS "what you know AND what you do"

The choice is yours. Remember people blame procrastination when it's really fear.

Many courses and workshops run for up to seven days. I'm packing everything you need into three days. I can share with you in 3 days, what it took me years and years to find out. Any less doesn't do you justice. Any more is a waste of your time. Your time is valuable. Some guys whinge about missing a day at the races, or a day's work, then waste a hell of a lot more time trying to get their life in order some other way. Sick leave from work, arguing, all takes time doesn't it?. You know a 3 day investment will save you months of misery and give you a head start on achieving the life of your dreams, right?.

All you have to do is simply make a life changing decision and click on the link to register today! But wait, what's the catch? Well the catch is I DON'T WORK WITH JUST ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO SHOW UP. This workshop is NOT suitable for everyone...

Will you guarantee that you will participate fully? Do you want to become a beacon of inspiration? Are you ready to accept responsibility for yourself? Will you be the husband / father / son you want to provide your family?

I'm here to support guys who want to become a beacon of inspiration in their life. So if you 'know it all', great, you don't need to come. If you want to distract the other participants with your cancerous, "Yes, but..." style, you will simply be a distraction to the thanks, but we don't want you this time. This adventure of a lifetime is for guys who want or need to learn. We've got a lot to get through in 3 days and we can't afford to be towing an anchor. If you're hell-bent on finding excuses ... and saying, "I just know that won't work for me" - then you're going waste your time and money on ANY event, not just this one, and, you'll just get in the way of those who want to do something serious with this information.

So here is how to make it easy for both of us..... The starting point of all fulfilment is being able to make a decision AND take action. So, get along to a Discover Peace of Mind live 90 minute Super Session or on-line webinar. At the moment we’re planning our next tour so there are no dates available just yet. But rest assured, as a subscriber to Discover Peace of Mind, you will be the first to be told. Dates and times will also be shown on the link. This is a simple must-do decision for you. Once we’ve finalised our dates, get in on the ground floor and register for the FREE 90 minute Super Session or on-line webinar.

But wait, it gets better

3 DAY WORKSHOP GUARANTEE...Unlike the experts.

You may be sitting there feeling a bit nervous now... I know the feeling. It's called FEAR. Fear of making the wrong decision. Fear of having to tell someone what you're doing. Fear of Poverty. Fear of Failure. Fear of Change. Staying in your comfort zone provides that 'ahhh, relief' feeling – for a little while. Then the comfort zone converts to the UNCOMFORT ZONE, which is exactly where you are right now! The Comfort Zone is like an addictive drug. The pain of addiction will paralyse you within its boundaries. Just outside your comfort zone is the LIVING ZONE where the feeling of vitality, excitement, discovery, adventure & success reside. It is a place that is reachable, like stepping over a wide gutter. So what's topping you from getting to the LIVING ZONE? Do you have a Fear of Success.

"Fear of success? But I want to be a success!" As John McEnroe says, "Everybody loves success, but they hate successful people." Like, people with successful marriages, who get on well with their kids, who are not paralysed with fear.

If you've ever knocked a successful person for their success, aka the Tall Poppy Syndrome, you have the fear of success. It's that simple. In our society, being successful is a risk to being accepted because people knock successful people.

Remember, this is NOT some get-rich quick event. This is far more important than that. For some people, this will be a life-changing, life-saving experience.

What's more, at this unique event, we won't just talk at you... you will experience and practice new techniques ready to take home and implement immediately. Which is what you want, right?

You will learn directly and indirectly using cutting edge information. Your thinking will never be the same again.

It's not only what you'll learn that will give you the edge. It's the thinking ... and the networking ... and the discoveries you make outside of that, which will make this one of the most amazing weekends of your life.

So, you've got 2 choices...

One ... put it off, wait, wonder and watch while others get the benefit of the inside information you desperately want and need, and you go back to....whatever. Same stuff, different day, same lousy results in your life. How is going back to the 'same old' to change your life? What will change? And how much is that going to cost you? How much is it going to cost you NOT to take action? How much more time will you waste? How many times can you dodge your responsibility? How many more promises will you make to yourself and your family? What else in your life do you avoid? You can't learn to drive by reading a book. At some time, you must TAKE ACTION.

Or two ... make sure you're one of the fortunate people who grab a seat at this ground-breaking event. Claim your future now!

The truth is, you don't have the time NOT to be here. Not coming to three days will only cost you months of time down the track, or years when your life really falls apart.   Others have got out of depression and so can you, with step-by-step instruction.

This opportunity is available soon. The Discover Peace of Mind Workshop may not be in your town again. This is your chance to find what you've always been looking for. Don't throw it away. Throw away your baggage instead. Take this opportunity with both hands by reserving your seat right now!
See you soon,

Rodney Lovell

Freedom Fighter for Guys Everywhere.

P.S. Don't forget, it's 100% absolutely risk free!

P.P.S. If you want to bring a friend, mate or guest, spouse, lover or partner.... there will be room. If you're lacking a supportive environment at home, this is a great way to change it.
To make it as easy as possible for you, it'll only cost you an hour of your time for the webinar or a measly $59 for the Super Session.

P.P.P. S. This is an adventure of a lifetime workshop, so seats and towns are limited. Get in early and guarantee your future. It is time to get into the Living Zone and DISCOVER PEACE OF MIND.

P.P.P.P.S. Ladies welcome.

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